Bat Removal in Hancock County, Indiana

Bats can be a huge problem and pose health risks to humans and pets, which is why it’s important to have them removed from your home as quickly and safely as possible. I specialize in prevention and bat removal in Hancock County, IN, and I am here to help you get rid of those pesky bats and restore your peace of mind.

About Trapper Joe’s Wildlife Control, LLC

I am your trusted partner for effective animal removal solutions. I am an experienced professional who specializes in safely and efficiently removing all types of animals from your property, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, chipmunks, and more.
My top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of both my clients and the animals I remove. I use humane trapping methods to remove animals from your property without causing harm or stress. I am equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to handle any animal removal job, no matter how big or small.
I am committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that you are satisfied with the work I do. I can handle any animal removal project you may have, and I offer competitive pricing to ensure that you receive the best value for your money.

Client Testimonials

Asher Sullivan
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“I 10/10 recommend Trapper Joe’s services! We had a large squirrel nest in the attic and they were keeping us up at night. Joe not only removed all 5 of them in only a few days but also removed the nest and debris. We are now squirrel free and are able to rest at last! Thank you, Trapper Joe’s!!!!”
Stacey Boxberger
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“Our neighbor had Trapper Joe’s take care of a bird problem at their house. We had the same problem and he came back the next day to take care of our house. Super responsive and helpful with finding a solution. I highly recommend Trapper Joe’s for any critter problem you might have.”
Kierstin Nugent
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“Joe was quick to respond, professional, and was able to come out the same day to help me. Incredibly reasonable on pricing as well. He was also so kind and understanding with the problem I was facing, highly recommend!”

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a mother and a baby bat with adult bats hanging in the roof

What Type of Damage Bats Can Do

Structural damage: Bats can squeeze through small cracks and gaps in walls, ceilings, and roofs, which can cause damage to the structural integrity of the house over time.
Damage to insulation: Bats can roost in insulation and use it for nesting material, which can damage the insulation and reduce its effectiveness.
Health hazards: Bats can carry diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis, which can pose a health hazard to humans and other animals in the house.
Damage to personal property: Bats can leave droppings and urine in the areas where they roost, which can damage personal property, such as furniture, carpets, and clothing.

Bat Removal Services

I specialize in removing bats from homes and buildings. Bats can be a nuisance and cause damage to your property, and I understand the importance of removing them quickly and safely which is why I work quickly and efficiently to remove them and restore your peace of mind.
I start by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the bat infestation and the best course of action for removal. I will then use a variety of methods, including live bat exclusion and removal, to safely and effectively remove the bats from your home.
bats hanging upside down on a wooden ceiling
In addition to removing the bats, I also take steps to ensure that they don’t return. I will seal up any entry points that the bats may have used to get into your home, and will provide recommendations for preventing future bat infestations.

If you have bats in your home, don't hesitate to contact my bat removal company in Hancock County for fast and effective removal services. I am here to help you get rid of those pesky bats and restore your peace of mind.

Why Work With Me

I Am More Than Just an Animal Removal Expert

While I pride myself on my animal removal skills, I also offer a range of other services to help keep your home safe. From preventative measures like sealing up entry points to ongoing maintenance, I will help you create a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for you and your family.

I prioritize safety

Animal removal can be dangerous if not handled properly. I am fully trained and equipped to handle any situation safely and professionally. I use effective techniques to remove animals from your property and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. You can trust me to get the job done without putting anyone at risk.

I offer personalized solutions

Every animal removal situation is unique. That’s why I take the time to assess your specific situation and offer personalized solutions to fit your needs. I will work with you to create a plan that’s tailored to your specific requirements. My goal is to provide effective, customized solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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